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Author: Manny   Date Posted: 11 March 2018  



We love Fab outdoor plastic rugs!  They are so versatile and affordable that you can literally use them in any space. We do get a lot of questions from customers asking what they are like and we thought we'd do a video review these rugs and to also show these rugs up close.

  • These rugs are made from thin plastic straws that have been woven together to form a rug. ...

Top 3 Customer Questions Answered About The Fab Outdoor Rug Range

Fab rugs are the best outdoor rugs. We have a closer look aWe answer these top 3 questions that our customers ask us about these rugs. 

  1. What do they feel like?
  2. Where can you use these rugs?
  3. Why would you choose fab plastic rugs over other outdoor rugs?

1. What do Fab outdoor plastic rugs feel like? The best way to describe the construction...