Silver Esther Large 54cm Wall Clock

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70cm 'Cafe De La Tour Round Wall Clock

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60cm White Numbers Metal Wall Clock

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Bertha 101cm Wall Clock

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Bruce - 40.5cm - Wooden Wall Clock

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Hugo' Wood 40cm Wall Clock

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Leni Silent Essential Wall Clock - Red - 22cm

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Author: Manny   Date Posted: 16 April 2018  


The Esther clocks have been a part of the Beyond Bright Family since 2013 and the quality has not changed. The clock comes in 2 sizes, a large 54cm and a slightly smaller 44cm...

Hanging up a wall clock is great for updating the look of your room when the time comes to make a quick change. Artfully crafted clocks can serve as a unique focal piece, either contrasting with or complementing your existing decor. Clocks are an essential piece for any home or small business and are a welcome addition to every room. Your choice of time piece doesn't have to be boring thanks to our extensive range. Choose from modern styles or materials like wood. Large and small, we have them all, making the choice of clock easy for any room in your house. They are beautiful to look at with a timeless elegance that draws your eye to them like a piece of fine art. Wall clocks make a fabulous gift for friends and family as everyone has a use for a clock. The stylish designs makes them suitable for any home, for every taste and personality.