Rugs can make a room feel warm and inviting and add a touch of colour to an otherwise neutral coloured room. Rugs come in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of tastes, from a luxurious shag rug to washable, hypoallergenic rugs and stylish outdoor rugs, or even a fun, brightly coloured kids rug.

Rugs are an affordable and stylish floor covering which can be used to add your personality into a room and can be used to cheer up your existing decor by using complementary or contrasting colours. Be bold with statement modern prints or transform your room with a geometric rug to create an uplifting focal point.

Use a rug to divide rooms, create different zones in a multi-purpose room, and tie different areas together.

We have some beautiful, eco-friendly outdoor rugs that are durable and washable to add a splash of colour and create an aesthetically pleasing seating area.