Fluid Transitional Rugs

Fluid Daybreak Modern Rug - Multi - 240x330cm
9mm HS Polypropylene & Polyester


Fluid Daybreak Modern Rug - Multi - 300x400cm
9mm HS Polypropylene & Polyester


As you can probably tell, transitional rugs are the latest trend at the moment. A happy balance between modern and traditional means that you do not have to commit to a particular style. The Fluid colour scheme is somewhat neutral and subtle with soft hues, but at the same time you'll find surprises of colour pop that is hidden within each rug. Just what you need to add a spash of colour to your life, without being overwhelming.

9mm polypropylene and polyester pile is soft yet durable and easy to maintain. Come and discover this gorgeous range today! AfterPay and ZIpPay available.