Fab Rugs Reviewed by Anna

Author: Manny   Date Posted:11 March 2018 

A short video on why we love the Fab Rug Collection



We love Fab outdoor plastic rugs!  They are so versatile and affordable that you can literally use them in any space. We do get a lot of questions from customers asking what they are like and we thought we'd do a video review these rugs and to also show these rugs up close.

  • These rugs are made from thin plastic straws that have been woven together to form a rug. They are secured by a material strip at either end and have a heat pressed edge on the sides. They feel nice and smooth under your feet and are really durable
  • Reversible so you get 2 designs for the price of one
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers as they will not collect dust
  • Easy to care for, just hose off and allow to dry and you can even use detergent to give these rugs a really good clean
  • Over 60+ designs to choose from in 4 main sizes - 90x179cm, 120x179cm, 150x238cm and 180x270cm. There are a couple of round designs and also larger sizes of 270x270cm and 240x300cm. 
  • These rugs come rolled up (except for 270x270cm and Cherai) so its easy to just roll them out on your floor
  • Use them inside or outside, in rain, hail or shine. Take them camping or on picnics. Great for childcare centres and in messy environments. 


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