Our First Blog

Author: Emmanuel Kornijczuk   Date Posted:29 May 2015 

Welcome to Beyond Bright!

We so excited to be able to communicate with our customers and fans through this amazing tool. As an online business we quickly discovered that commication is so important but it's so rare to actually see the people you are dealing. We are solcial creatures here at Beyond Bright and we love to talk, be it about the product, what you are planning to do or simply the weather, we just love it.

This is why we love Facebook too! When we first started Facebook we thought it would be a place to simply communicate our ideas. It's quickly became something else. Customers started putting up photos of their homes with our products in them. We would never ask for someone to do that but the fact that people did that on there own really made us so happy.

Author: Emmanuel Kornijczuk   Date Posted: 23 July 2015  

We have been very bless to have Cecilia Hilal feature one of Beyond Bright's Cube pendant lights in her home. HomesPLUS displayed her beautiful home in their August 2015 edition. Congratulation Cecilia, you have a gorgeous home. Read the full article HERE