Esther Wall Clock - Overview

Author: Manny   Date Posted:16 April 2018 


The Esther clocks have been a part of the Beyond Bright Family since 2013 and the quality has not changed. The clock comes in 2 sizes, a large 54cm and a slightly smaller 44cm version. Both clocks are exactly the same in design and are a perfect fit as a feature or to match with other classic silver pieces in your home.


- The frame of the clock is a polished chrome. We include a microfiber mitt in the box to keep it dust free. As the face of the clock is covered in glass, a simple wipe down with glass cleaner will keep your clock crystal clean.

- The clock is predominately metal, this includes the roman numerals. These are machine polish leaving a rough scratchy look to the metal. This is all by design.

Did you know the Roman numeral "IIII" is not a mistake in duplication? Google has many theories behind the use. 

- The face of the clock has a Paris print in a French provincial design. The quality is very high and well proportioned on both clocks and add to the contrast of the black arms.

- Only one AA battery is needed for this clock. It's recommended to change it once a year but most of the time it last longer.

- Although they don't come in a gift box, they are packaged very well. A very think 10cm styrofoam box protects the clock and cover protect the glass. 

Please watch the video to see a live review!

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